Mary Churchill Klippstein

I am Brazilian but always tended more to the English culture, due to my grandfather who was Canadian. He was born in Lockeport, a town founded by his ancestor that left the United States after its independence.
Since I came to Hamburg about 30 years ago I was always with English speaking nationalities.

I first joined the Americans Women’s Club then the Deutsch-Amerikanischer-Frauen Club, where I have been hospitality. Now I am the secretary of Davida e.V. a Brasizilan association. I always wanted to join the Canadians but another Ladies Club was not what I wanted. When I heard of this association I thought this one will not escape me!

I am a qualified yoga teacher but now I work as a “Tagesmutter” not only because I don’t want to teach you or be a sales person as I have been, but because it is real fun for me to work with children.
I have been a member of the Canadian Society in Sao Paulo, Brazil and once I heard there was a MapleTable® in Hamburg I decided that I should join you.


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