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Regular meetings:

  • 12 monthly meetings in Hamburg on the 1st Thursday of each month.

  • July 1st BBQ for Canada Day

  • Turkey dinner for Canadian Thanksgiving


We have also organized the following events in varying numbers of people::


  • Visit Lufthansa Technik

  • Visit to Desy Hamburg

  • Cooking workshop Indian Summer at Maggi

  • 2 cooking workshops under the headline "Canada" at Atlas Hamburg

  • Curling in Hamburg

  • Ballinstadt lecture by Dr. Wöst

  • Visit cinema 3001 Hamburg Women's soccer world championship game Germany-Canada

  • Harbor tour by bus through the container port of Hamburg

  • Visit of the Musical Ride, Verden

  • 5 years MapleTable® "Dance into May" Rickmer Rickmers, Hamburg

  • 10th anniversary of MapleTable®"Tanz in den Mai "Lindner Hotel Hagenbeck, Hamburg

  • MapleTable® in Vancouver (several times)

  • MapleTable® in Halifax

  • MapleTable® in Moncton


The following presentations were given or organized by MapleTable® participants or guests:

  • Robert Harding „Aboriginal People of Canada”

  • Karl Borchert  - Bison breeding and bison meat

  • Warren Murley - Private forest management in Canada

  • Sven Burucker –  Trip to BC and Alaska (20 years ago and today)

  • Herr Hillerich Reiseprofi Fa.Gebecco – „Eastern Canada“

  • Hartmut Cohrs - Eastern Canada a private tour

  • Andreas Beckmann – Research station off Vancouver Island

  • Aline Müller, Maike Boldt –  Journey to the polar bears

  • Tamara Podemski – Meet the star

  • Monika Redekop – Immigration regulations Canada (3 times)

  • Wolfgang Krämer – Expedition Canada - humorous presentation

  • Michael und Dagmar Wetzel "Biking through the Rockies in BC"

  • Robert Paschmann director of the movie „coming of eight“

  • Hardy Franz „Canada once differently“

  • Ross Killough „Five Dollar Bill“

  • Josef Wittmann "Labrador Highway by car"

  • Horst Gennert „Train journey through Canada“

  •  Günter Karten “Musical journey through Canada”

  • Günter Lerz „The Müritz National Park“

  • Michaela Hansen „Granny AuPair“

  • Monika Sievers-Redekop "express-entry“ Immigration

  • Sue Romeiser „Ungava District and Labrador“

  • Horst Gennert „150 years of Canada“

  • Lisbeth Graverholt und Herminio Schmidt "School exchange to Canada"

  • Conny Hillinger Wine Tasting „The Taste of Canada“

  • Morgan Finlay Singer Songwriter from Canada as guest at MT (2 times)

  • "100 Reasons to Love Canada" lecture by author Annette Heinold

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