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The MapleTable® was founded in Hamburg in May 2004 and our aim was and still is to offer Canada fans in northern Germany the opportunity to exchange information about the country and its people on a monthly basis.

Surely you have already noticed the numerous Canada flags as stickers on German cars? For us it was clear that a passion for Canada has existed for years in Hamburg, but a platform to exchange information about the best hiking routes in British Columbia, the funniest pub in Toronto or the cheapest flight connection to Halifax was missing! After many years we can proudly say that we have closed this gap with the MapleTable®.

The meeting is deliberately kept open and informal. Via an e-mail distribution list we remind all interested people every month of the date (every 1st Thursday of the month from 18:30).We inform about possible topics of the evening and other events. At irregular intervals, MapleTable® participants give picture or film presentations on a voluntary basis about their Canadian travels, their life in Canada or current events around Canada.

The number of participants varies between 20-35 people and almost all age groups (from 20 to 75 years) are present. Regular attendance or registration is not required. The resulting variety in attendance has the positive consequence that the conversations at each MapleTable® are new and varied.

Since January 2007 we meet for MapleTable® in the "Restaurant Deichgraf" - near Rödingsmarkt, Deichstr. 23. Here we have - free of charge - the Fleetdiele, a separate room. In return, most of the participants will have a snack there - but this is also not obligatory.

We hope we could give you a first impression of the MapleTable®. We would be very happy to meet you personally at one of the next meetings. For further questions we are of course at your disposal.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next MapleTable®

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